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Julia Computing's Alan Edelman Presents 'Julia's Role in Healing the Earth' at TEDxMIT on December 6

5 December 2019 | JuliaHub

Cambridge, MA – Julia Computing co-founder and Chief Scientist Alan Edelman will be a TEDxMIT speaker on Friday December 6 as part of the TEDxMIT Operation Earth event. The subject of his talk is ‘Julia’s Role in Healing the Earth’.

Alan Edelman is a co-creator of Julia, MIT Professor of Applied Mathematics, Principal Investigator at the MIT Julia Lab and winner of the Sidney Fernbach Award, Charles Babbage Prize, Gordon Bell Prize and many other awards.

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About Julia and Julia Computing

Julia is the fastest high-performance open source computing language for data, analytics, algorithmic trading, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other scientific and numeric computing applications. Julia solves the two language problem by combining the ease of use of Python and R with the speed of C++. Julia provides parallel computing capabilities out of the box and unlimited scalability with minimal effort. Julia has been downloaded more than 11 million times and is used at more than 1,500 universities. Julia co-creators are the winners of the 2019 James H. Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software and the 2019 Sidney Fernbach Award. Julia has run at petascale on 650,000 cores with 1.3 million threads to analyze over 56 terabytes of data using Cori, one of the ten largest and most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Julia Computing was founded in 2015 by all the creators of Julia to provide products including JuliaTeam, JuliaSure and JuliaRun to businesses and researchers using Julia.

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