Faster Surrogate Model Simulation - Accelerating Inverse PDE Problems

On-Demand Webinar

Engineers working on complex PDE systems grapple with computationally expensive inverse problems require substantial time and resources for parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis. Time-to-design can be substantially improved by leveraging JuliaSim and DigitalEcho to generate surrogate models of PDE systems.

In this webinar, Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman explains how to build surrogate models of PDE Systems and use them in downstream inverse problems. We will walk you through the steps to use JuliaSim surrogates and DigitalEcho technology, resulting in 100x faster time-to-optimal design and sensitivity analysis.

Learn how to:

  • Generate a surrogate model using JuliaSim Surrogates using large batch compute on the JuliaHub platform

  • Define an inverse problem using JuliaSim ModelOptimizer

  • Use a surrogate model to accelerate the optimization of the inverse problem


  • Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman

    Sales Engineer

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