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Hands-On Parallelizing Simulations and Parameter Estimation with JuliaSim

On-Demand Webinar

System-level validation of models is time-consuming and expensive, given the need to validate each subcomponent. Join us for an interactive session led by Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman, where we explore system-level validation using JuliaSim and JuliaHub. Ranjan will demonstrate how to perform component-wise calibration and system-level validation with JuliaSim.  

Learn how to assemble models, define self-contained calibration jobs, and launch them on JuliaHub for parallel processing using JuliaSimModelOptimizer and JuliaSim HVAC.  Witness a live demo as we walk you through the process step-by-step, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of JuliaSim in accelerating the validation process.

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Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman
Sales Engineer
Ranjan is a sales engineer at JuliaHub, where he helps customers leverage modern engineering workflows and scientific machine learning using JuliaSim. He has a PhD in Mathematics & Computational Science from MIT, where his thesis work centered on surrogate modeling of dynamical systems.

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