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Leverage Julia’s superior speed and performance for quantitative finance, trading, optimization, arbitrage, asset management and risk analysis.

Aviva uses Julia to make risk modeling run 1,000x faster

Why Julia for Finance?

It’s simple: Speed + Performance + Scalability + Ease of Use

Aviva, one of the world’s largest insurers, is using Julia to comply with the European Union’s Solvency II regime. Aviva reports speed increases from 20x up to 1000x faster compared to their legacy system. Furthermore, Aviva reduced the code for compliance models from 14,000 lines of code in a proprietary legacy system to just 1,000 lines of code in Julia. This doesn’t just increase speed, efficiency and productivity - it also reduces errors and time spent checking and debugging code.

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, uses Julia to power their trademark Aladdin platform.

State Street uses Julia to identify best execution for foreign exchange trading. Conning uses Julia in large scale Monte Carlo simulations for insurance risk assessment.

Other banking, finance and economics users include Atteson Research, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Berkery Noyes, Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Sargent, Timeline and Now-Casting Economics.

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Julia is the fastest language for finance, including Monte Carlo simulations, dynamic modeling, algorithmic trading and risk analysis.

Ease of Use

Accomplish more with fewer lines of code - spend less time coding, editing and debugging.


Private package development allows users to develop and secure their own competitive edge.


JuliaInXL, Miletus, Bloomberg integration - Julia has the best packages for seamless, integrated financial modeling, analytics, developing and executing trading strategies.

High Performance Computing

Julia works with GPUs, TPUs, supercomputers and other high performance computing environments.

What Our Products Can Do For The Banking And Finance Sector

Speed modeling time up to 1,000x

Gain the competitive edge when every microsecond counts

Faster time to market and lower cloud computing costs

Gain accuracy with more simulations

Develop new models faster and more efficiently

Leverage GPUs, TPUs and other high performance hardware

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    Learn how you can leverage Julia’s superior speed and ease of use

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    Identify Julia products & packages best suited to your needs

  • 03

    Select projects to test-drive Julia. Design and conduct these test projects using Julia

  • 04

    Determine which Julia packages and products are right for you

  • 05

    Scale and deploy

Solvency II Compliance

One of Europe’s largest insurers is using Julia for Solvency II compliance

Case Study

Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Sargent

Next-generation macroeconomic models require high-performance computing: enter Julia

Case Study

Risk Modeling Solutions

Conning is using Julia in large scale Monte Carlo simulations for insurance risk assessment solutions

Case Study

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Julia at NY Fed
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