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Researchers and clinicians use Julia for medical research, diagnosis and treatment. Julia’s speed and ease of use make it the ideal language for medical applications including diagnosis, identifying new treatments, precision medicine and more.

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UK cancer researcher Marc Williams explains:

“Coming from using Matlab, Julia was pretty easy, and I was surprised by how easy it was to write pretty fast code. Obviously the speed, conciseness and dynamic nature of Julia is a big plus and the initial draw, but there are other perhaps unexpected benefits. For example, I’ve learned a lot about programming through using Julia. Learning Julia has helped me reason about how to write better and faster code. I think this is primarily because Julia is very upfront about why it can be fast and nothing is hidden away or “under the hood”. Also as most of the base language and packages are written in Julia, it’s great to be able to delve into what’s going on without running into a wall of C code, as might be the case in other languages. I think this is a big plus for its use in scientific research too, where we hope that our methods and conclusions are reproducible. Having a language that’s both fast enough to implement potentially sophisticated algorithms at a big scale but also be readable by most people is a great resource. Also, I find the code to be very clean looking, which multiple dispatch helps with a lot, and I like the ability to write in a functional style.”

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Planning Space Missions

The Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) is the Brazilian government’s research institute for planning space missions

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

LakeTide uses Julia for data science and product development

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Emergency Medical Supplies by Drone

Zipline uses Julia for aircraft simulation to deliver life-saving emergency medical supplies via drone in Africa and worldwide

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Pumas 2.0 for Integrated, Efficient and Scalable Pharmacometric Workflows


Quantitative Systems Pharmacology using Julia


Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics using Pumas


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