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This is the core of all things Julia. Explore the ecosystem, build packages, and run code in the cloud — all from your laptop. JuliaHub is the simplest, fastest platform for high performance computing.

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Discover a modern cloud platform for distributed, cost-effective and reproducible computing


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Your code in the cloud. On machines and clusters that you design and spin-up on demand. Run, Accelerate, Scale.


Register new packages or new versions of existing packages and contribute to the ecosystem

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Hosted on the cloud and paid by the minute, JuliaHub brings an interactive environment that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Take a quick tour.

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Built for speed, flexibility, and scale. Find the JuliaHub that meets your needs.

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Built from the ground up for businesses that demand high performance compute-intensive workloads, JuliaHub Enterprise provides a seamless direct to cloud experience at unparalleled speeds, with uncompromising security and compliance.

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Search everything in one place

  • Public & private code all together
  • Semantic search understands Julia syntax
  • Regex search for really tricky cases

Develop locally or in the cloud

  • Start batch jobs right in VS code
  • On local machine with JuliaHub plugin or directly in the browser
  • Best of notebook & spreadsheet combined

Dedicated Package Server

  • Authenticated Private Package Server with public and private packages, binary deps
  • Understand and control what people use
  • Ensure people use secure patched reps

Scale with ease

  • Grab a 1000-core cluster for Monte Carlo simulations
  • Use a beefy GPU machine to train ML models
  • Built-in support for DataSets.jl

Deploy Julia Apps

  • Build interactive apps & deploy easily
  • Bare Kubernetes app deploys also supported - to the cloud, to existing or air-gapped on-prem k8s clusters
  • SSO-integrated user auth

Reproducibility guaranteed

  • Snapshot code & data when jobs run
  • Time Capsules: Track all dependencies, save docker images
  • Rerun old jobs when needed

Built to scale

JuliaHub empowers scientists, engineers and innovators with all the high performance computing power they need to realize path breaking ideas — at any scale they want. Discover, search, build and share packages, and experience effortless parallel computing without infrastructural hurdles.

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HPC on demand

Access the full power of Julia’s modeling, simulation and computing resources without additional tech support or infrastructure. Designed to run code in the cloud with just one click. Get clear cost projections before you begin, set time and spend limits and get started.

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Ahead of the curve

Don’t let infrastructure limit your ability. Virtually turning laptops into supercomputers, JuliaHub keeps organizations asset-light, delivering speed, agility, frictionless performance. Get the perfect balance of control and collaboration with a secure platform and enterprise support.

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