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A modern cloud platform for distributed, cost-effective, reproducible computing, modeling and package management

JuliaHub gives you up to 20 hours of high performance compute and unlimited use of other free features which includes all of these capabilities: 9,000+ open source Julia packages, package manager, audit logs and metrics, CloudStation, Projects for collaboration, Pluto notebooks sharing, ChatGPT, and more...

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What can you do for free on JuliaHub?

Access Interactive Notebooks, Team Collaboration Tools, Modeling and Simulation Packages, and the Julia REPL

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Pluto Notebooks
Julia version of Jupyter

A free, open source Julia notebook environment. Designed to make learning and teaching scientific programming simple!

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Use the JuliaIDE
Julia Ecosystem + REPL in VSCode

Develop applications with a browser-based IDE. Collaborate with ease. Hosted on the cloud with over 9,000 Julia packages.

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Projects for Collaboration
Team Management Workflows

Permission resources to specific teams. Users can edit code, save their work across apps, and track changes with version control.

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JuliaHub is Managed Infrastructure
for Technical Computing

Spin up high-performance computing capabilities in the cloud with up to

20 hours of free use every month

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Pluto Interactive Notebooks with Web Components

JuliaHub offers support for Pluto notebooks on the cloud. Pluto is a notebook package for Julia. It is similar to other notebook systems such as Jupyter where an interactive webpage acts as a frontend for development connected to a local or remote Julia backend.

Run Julia Code in Pluto.

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What else can you do on JuliaHub?

Traceability: Audits Logs and Metrics

Integrations: RStudio, GitLens, and Windows

AI Products: Pumas, JuliaSim, and Cedar

Enterprise Features: Reproducibility and Compliance

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NEW: Announcing Semgrep’s experimental support for Julia

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Collaboration Tools

Teams can share code and work together on a shared set of directories, files, and resources. Once you start a new project, you decide which team members and which resources to include. This set of permissiona and resources then persists across applications for the lifetime of the project.

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Package Management and Private Registries

Julia has a built-in package manager for installing add-on functionality written in Julia. It can also install external packages. JuliaHub provides managed use of all of these packages with version management and private registries to keep propietary packages safe. JuliaHub features include access controls, package encryption, and the ability to whitelist/blacklist packages.

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CloudStation for HPC Management

CloudStation allows your teams to configure infrastructure for hundreds of interactive jobs and application processes on high performance virtual CPUs with up to 32 cores or a NVIDIA V100 GPU - the fastest computing around. Supercomputing at your fingertips with speed that far surpasses your laptop.

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A Modern Ecosystem for AI
and Scientific Machine Learning

The Julia Package Ecosystem was built for scientific computing and analysis. With the fastest suite of packages for mathmatics, numerical computing, modeling, simulation and more...

With JuliaHub, you an access and use every open source package. Launch the JuliaIDE to access the REPL, collaboration tools, and datasets for each project.

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Built from the ground up for businesses that demand high performance compute-intensive workloads, JuliaHub Enterprise provides a seamless direct to cloud experience at unparalleled speeds, with uncompromising security and compliance.

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Search everything in one place

  • Public & private code all together
  • Semantic search understands Julia syntax
  • Regex search for really tricky cases

Develop locally or in the cloud

  • Start batch jobs right in VS code
  • On local machine with JuliaHub plugin or directly in the browser
  • Best of notebook & spreadsheet combined

Dedicated Package Server

  • Authenticated Private Package Server with public and private packages, binary deps
  • Understand and control what people use
  • Ensure people use secure patched reps

Scale with ease

  • Grab a 1000-core cluster for Monte Carlo simulations
  • Use a beefy GPU machine to train ML models
  • Built-in support for DataSets.jl

Deploy Julia Apps

  • Build interactive apps & deploy easily
  • Bare Kubernetes app deploys also supported - to the cloud, to existing or air-gapped on-prem k8s clusters
  • SSO-integrated user auth

Reproducibility guaranteed

  • Snapshot code & data when jobs run
  • Time Capsules: Track all dependencies, save docker images
  • Rerun old jobs when needed

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