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JuliaHub offers a free tier to get you started and Team and Enterprise pricing to grow as you do.

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Every user gets 20 hours of free compute that resets every single month. Usage-based pricing after.


Collaborate on your Julia-based projects

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Build high-performance models and applications with tools developed specifically to help teams work together more cohesively.


Simplify deploying Julia for your organization

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Advanced features including security, privacy, and reproducibility to make building enterprise-grade Julia products simple.



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Cloud Management Managed Service Managed Service Joint Management Options
Infrastructure Multi-tenant Multi-tenant Single tenant
Each Additional User N/A $250 per Month or $2K per Year $250 per Month or $2K per Year
Interactive Compute 20 Hours Free per Month | $0.25 Each Additional Hour Included Included
Cluster Jobs $0.15 per Thread Hour* $0.20 per Thread Hour* $0.25 per Thread Hour*
Workspace and Notebooks
Data Catalog
Run Cluster Jobs
Private Package Registry -
Project Collaboration -
Organizations and Groups -
SSO & MFA Integration -
Subdomain/URL -
VPN Login Integration - -
Virtual Private Cloud - -
Custom Upgrade Cadence - -
Time Capsule Reproducibility - -
Traceability Dashboard - -
Access to Larger Machines - -
Start for Free $2K Yearly per User Contact Us

*A thread-hour is one Linux kernel thread made available to your job for an hour.

Not sure which model fits you best? Have a complex setup that needs a custom solution? We are here to help.

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