The Modern Platform for
Technical Computing

A single place for modeling, simulation, and user built applications with the Julia language. Designed with access to CPUs and GPUs for multi-threading, parallel and distributed computing, JuliaHub's supercomputing infrastructure allows teams to model breakthrough science and technology.

The next-generation platform
for model-based design

Leverage Scientific Machine Learning (SciML), Digital Twins,
and Surrogates to Accelerate Simulation

JuliaHub is a free platform to start your technical computing journey

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Teams can share code and work collaboratively.

JuliaHub offers interactive development directly on the cloud, with the full power of your favourite applications.

Limitless Power. Complete Control.

JuliaHub is the ideal place to run large scale computing in the cloud. Set configuration options for each individual workflow, adjust server specifications, and specify time and cost limits for running jobs.

  • CPUs

    32 core

  • Nodes


  • Memory


Reproducibility. Re-run jobs and track changes across projects.

JuliaHub has features that allow you to reproduce individual batch jobs, archive past projects, and track changes that happen to files, folders, packages, and more. Rest assured that your teams can track and replicate each step in the process.

Our ChatGPT Integration

AskAI allows you to provide questions and prompts around Julia, Julia packages, and JuliaHub. Using our ChatGPT feature means you’ll have the full knowledge base of the Julia ecosystem at your fingertips with real coding examples and language guidance that will help you achieve the best results.

Accelerate product development

Presenting a specialized suite of plug and play products for modeling and simulation. The power of Julia, SciML, and thousands of public and private packages in one seamless environment.

A next generation
cloud-based SciML
simulation platform

Pharmaceutical modeling
and simulation

QSP model creation,
Simulation, Analysis,
and Reporting

Analog design
verification for the
21st century

Virtually turning laptops
into supercomputers

JuliaHub keeps organizations asset-light, delivering speed, agility and frictionless performance. Get the perfect balance of control and collaboration with a secure platform and enterprise support.

One Platform for all your HPC needs

CPU and GPUs. Configure High Performance Virtual Machines. Run jobs with hundreds of nodes in parallel.

Runs securely behind your firewall

Our support service and tools provide major productivity benefits in the development of your Julia applications.

See your teams work better together

Authenticate access. Manage private packages and registry with ease.

Complete Compliance with Version Control

Git-based access controls for versioning and rollback. Audit logs, traceability, and regulatory frameworks.




50 M+




annual growth



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Energy Trading

AOT Energy uses Julia for options pricing, linear programming and market simulations

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Once we started using JuliaHub our efficiencies grew by 40% and the accuracy grew by 35%. I would recommend JuliaHub to anyone looking to speed up drug discovery while driving down costs.

Imani Lewis

Chief Technologist