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Design Better

Simulate 1000 days of cycling in 60 seconds

Seamlessly scale single cells to packs of thousands for real-time simulation, optimization, and design

Built with JuliaHub - the Scientific Computing Platform supporting clients like

Experience the cutting-edge software revolutionizing battery modeling and simulation.

  • Design electrochemical cells and entire battery packs with thousands of cells with ease.
  • Enhances physics-based precision with Scientific Machine Learning insights for the best of the worlds.
  • Extreme speed and efficiency in computing helps you rapidly converge on the optimal decision, saving your company thousands of hours of time.
  • Interpretability means that every step in the process can be observed and accounted for. Adjust any parameter to better understand the output.

Industry-leading battery library designed with JuliaSim

JuliaSim Batteries offers several electrochemical models for cells, modules, and packs

Doyle-Fuller-Newman Model (DFN)

High-fidelity simulation of a pseudo-2D lithium-ion battery model. Enables analysis and optimization of battery performance under various operating conditions.

Single-Particle Model (SPM)

Perform rapid electrochemical simulations. The SPM model is effective for initial assessments, fast battery analysis, and large-scale pack simulations.

Single-Particle Model with electrolyte (SPMe)

Simplifies the DFN battery model by considering a single particle for each electrode. Provides efficient simulations and valuable insights into cell-level behavior and degradation mechanisms in a fraction of the time of the DFN.

Next Gen Battery Simulation
Unlocks Speed and Efficiency

No more need for experiments to run months, do it in seconds!

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High Performance Computing
with Next-Gen Battery Simulation

JuliaSim Batteries is an advanced engineering tool for simulating lithium-ion batteries,
integrating electrochemical, thermal, and degradation physics

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Model Battery Packs

JuliaSIm Batteries is performant and enables the real-time predictive power of electrochemical models for battery packs with 1000s of cells.

Understand defects

Not all cells are created equal. JuliaSim Batteries helps mitigate and understand the effects of manufacturing defects on cell and pack performance.

Compare Chemistries

Choosing the right battery is not easy. Simulate your project with multiple chemistries to find the right fit with your usecase.


Predict battery lifetime and health with SEI capacity fade models.

Fast Charging

Built for robust and efficient simulations, even at the extreme operating conditions of fast-charge.

Lifetime Predictions

Estimate a battery’s entire lifetime with fast charging in under a minute with the DFN model.


Multiphysics meets Machine Learning for Scientific Simulations like never before

JuliaSim Batteries helps you use real-world battery chemistry and data from
your system to build experiments that help you optimize battery quality.

Model Battery Chemistry

Build Experiments

Predictive Analysis

Designed to integrate with your existing workflow

JuliaSim Batteries works with the existing ecosystem and alongside removes inefficiencies by minimising the number of tools you have to learn. We even have a consulting team to remove technical barriers.





Technical Partners for your next breakthrough

Our experts are here to provide you with engineering, R&D, and consulting
solutions to make sure our solutions fit your exact needs.


Let Us Customize the Solution For You

Our team consists of battery experts and JuliaSim modeling experts. We’ll build a custom plan of action to bridge the gap between theory and testing, leading to an accelerated workflow, reduced risk, and increased productivity

Brad Carman

Director of Consulting

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JuliaSim Batteries can be experienced for 20 hours
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