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Launch Web Apps and Dashboards on JuliaHub

Explore building and hosting your web applications and dashboards with JuliaHub. Pick an open source low-code framework or a premium development tool like Genie Builder. Choose a hosting plan and share your application with just your internal team or publicly for the entire world.

Choose a Featured Framework to Build Your App

JuliaHub now provides users and teams the ability to build data-rich applications to showcase their technical computing prowess. Use existing low-code frameworks like Genie (with its Builder, a convenient drag-and-drop UI editor) or Dash. We offer various hosting plans and other capabilities to make hosting apps on JuliaHub a breeze.

Genie Builder on JuliaHub

The fastest way to build & share your Julia web apps. Build dashboards, AI & simulation apps 10x faster; deploy and host in 1-click on JuliaHub.


See Genie App Examples

Genie is the no.1 Julia framework providing low-code functionality, and drag & drop tools to quickly build data apps. See all the examples here or Genie featured apps below:


Multipage App for Data Analysis

Explore data, train a neural network, and serve the model via an API.

View App 


World Map

Display data on a world map with configurable markers.

View App 

See Dash App Examples

Dash.jl is a Julia interface to the Dash ecosystem for creating analytic web applications in Julia. See all the examples here or Dash featured apps below:


Optimising MRI Scans

Optimize MRI scan parameters (flip angles and repetition times) to improve estimates of tissue T1 and T2 values.

View App


Lung Cancer Survival Analysis

Segment X-ray CT chest images by providing manual annotations to a seeded region growing segmentation algorithm.

View App

Hosting your Web Apps

Pricing is usage-based

JuliaHub uses standard AWS machines to host your application. Pricing is usage-based depending on data transfer and number of requests. Apps “scale to zero” when not being viewed by your end-users, keeping costs down.

Genie Builder add-on is priced seperately from hosting and deployment of apps. Details to be posted soon.

The following are estimates for your apps:

~$25 /mo
1 Application


For starter projects for individual developers
Get Started
Host simple web dashboards on the small machine (2VCPUs | 4GB)

Launch any Julia framework as an app

Password protected or totally public

Get started right away

Hosted: small for $0.0627 per thread hour

⇢ Up to 100,000 request per month

Costs based on estimate of app up for 12 hours daily. Apps scale to zero when not in use.

~$75 /mo
3 - 5 Applications


For business apps that easily scale with use!
Get Started
Deploy multiple interative apps on the big machine (2VCPUs | 16GB)

Schedule hosting or keep it live at all times

Password protected or totally public

App scales as usage grows

Hosted: big for $0.0945 per thread hour

⇢ Up to 500,000 request per month

Costs based on estimate of app up for 24 hours daily. Apps scale to zero when not in use.

Unlimited Applications


Build a plan custom to your organization's needs
Get Started
Enterprise-grade VMs with unlimited options on vCPUs and Memory

Schedule hosting or keep it live at all times

Data-centric apps just for your org

Multiple apps with unlimited options

Hosted on: choose from 7 machine types

⇢ Unlimited requests

Costs can be customized in plan. Apps scale to zero when not in use.

Featured Documentation


Web Hosting

Learn how to host and deploy your apps directly on JuliaHub

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Learn how to build web apps with Julia’s no.1 web framework

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Built with Plotly.js, Dash is a easy way to build dashboards with Julia

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The modern platform for technical and scientific computing

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Discover a modern cloud platform for distributed, cost-effective and reproducible computing

JuliaHub gives you up to 20 hours of compute for free and includes all of these capabilities: 10,000+ packages, package manager, audit logs and metrics, CloudStation, Projects for collaboration, Pluto notebooks, JuliaIDE, ChatGPT, and more…