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JuliaHub Air: JuliaHub for Secure Computing Environments


Do security restrictions limit your ability to leverage the full power of JuliaHub for sensitive projects? Discover how JuliaHub Air brings secure, air-gapped computing capabilities.

Join experts from JuliaHub as they unveil JuliaHub Air, designed for secure air-gapped (not connected to the internet) environments. Explore how to deploy JuliaHub Air within your existing HPC or private cloud (like AWS GovCloud), ensuring compliance and data security. Learn how JuliaHub Air can be seamlessly installed using the Replicated Kubernetes installer, facilitating deployment on onsite High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms or private AWS cloud environments.

Who should attend:
  • IT and Security Professionals in regulated industries 
  • Researchers and engineers working with sensitive data or in restricted networks 
  • Organizations requiring on-premise computing solutions

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand JuliaHub Air's capabilities and limitations for secure computing 
  • Learn best practices for installation, administration, and use within air-gapped environments Discover use cases across industries, from research and development to defense 
  • Determine if JuliaHub Air aligns with your security and project requirements 
  • Extend Julia's power to your secure environments! Register for this informative webinar on JuliaHub Air. 



Dr. Matt Bauman
Dr. Matt Bauman
Director of Customer Success
Luke Amdor
Luke Amdor
Director of Engineering for JuliaHub Platform

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