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Incrementally Porting Applications to GPUs Using CUDA.jl v5.4

Wednesday, July 17 | 1:00PM ET (US)


Porting your CPU-based applications to GPUs can be a challenging task. The all-or-nothing approach to GPU migration can be overwhelming, leading to performance challenges and bottlenecks. Join our subject matter expert Tim Besard to learn how CUDA.jl v5.4 introduces features to ease this transition. Learn how unified memory enables you to incrementally port your applications using GPU parallelism without compromising on performance.

In this webinar, learn about:
  • Unified Memory: Simplifies the porting process by enabling both CPU and GPU access to memory..
  • Incremental Porting: Incrementally move parts of your codebase to GPUs. 
  • Performance: See examples of accessing elements of unified CuArray, now made faster.

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Dr. Tim Besard
Software Engineer

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