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Accelerating New Product Design with Improved Crash Simulation Modeling: An Instron Case Study

On-Demand Webinar

Join Brad Carman, formerly at Instron, and Dr. Ranjan Anantharaman from JuliaHub in this webinar as they discuss how JuliaSim improved time-to-design by 500x, leading to a more cost and energy efficient product design. Learn how Instron, a leader in the materials testing industry revolutionized performance predictions, enhancing efficiency and streamlining complex design scenarios for their flagship product, the Hydropuls Catapult System, leading to 500x Faster Design Time.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the power of acausal modeling and leveraging Julia code to streamline complex design scenarios
  • How Instron developed and simulated a digital twin of the Catapult Crash Simulation system using JuliaSim
  • How JuliaSim was used to prove out an optimal controller concept, resulting in a simpler, cost-effective configuration

  • How modeling over trial and error led to an accelerated innovation cycle

Register to watch Instron’s remarkable speedup, its impact and understand the future of materials testing with Instron's revolutionary approach.


Ranjan Anantharaman
Sales Engineer
Ranjan is a sales engineer at JuliaHub, where he helps customers leverage modern engineering workflows and scientific machine learning using JuliaSim. He has a PhD in Mathematics & Computational Science from MIT, where his thesis work centered on surrogate modeling of dynamical systems.
Brad Carman
Brad Carman
Director of Consulting
Brad Carman served as a Mechanical Engineer at Instron specializing in System Modeling with focus on model and software development for the Crash Simulation system. Recently Carman has joined JuliaHub to lead the Consulting team.

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