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Next-Gen HVAC Simulations for Future-Ready Designs

On-Demand Webinar

Explore the world of HVAC component libraries, dynamic modeling, and streamlined design processes in our upcoming webinar.

Join us as we demonstrate how cutting-edge HVAC simulation can transform your design approach.

By attending, you’ll acquire the ability to:

  • Easily Create Dynamic HVAC Models

  • Leverage Pre-built HVAC Components for Efficient Simulations

  • Seamlessly Integrate with JuliaSim Comprehensive Ecosystem

Don’t miss the opportunity. Access this free webinar recording today.


Avinash Subramanian
Lead developer - JuliaSim HVAC
Dr. Avinash Subramanian holds a PhD in Energy and Process engineering from NTNU Norway, and was previously a graduate researcher at the Process Systems Engineering Laboratory at MIT Chemical Engineering.

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