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Sports and High Frequency Trading

Julia finds its way into statistical computing engines focused on sports betting and high frequency trading

Gambit Research is an innovative software and statistical consulting company with a focus on sports betting and high frequency trading. It continuously researches and develops sophisticated tools to build advanced systems for data analysis and market trading. Gambit teams specialize in statistics, computer science and trading.

Gambit statisticians and programmers solve problems that involve optimization, differential equations, and machine learning. They used to prototype primarily in Python and R, but are now incorporating Julia into their codebase.

(Julia is) ... faster than Python, but more than that it’s much more expressive: the type system, macros and multiple dispatch enable us to tackle more ambitious projects. But it also interoperates with Python, so we can take advantage of our existing libraries and fit into the ecosystem.

Another advantage to Julia is the ease of interoperability between Julia and Python which allows them to embed Julia into their legacy codebase.

Moving from Python to Julia gives me the same feeling as moving from Perl to Python. More expressive code that runs faster, and is perfectly suited to quantitative computing.

Gambit is using Julia to help bettors and investors optimize their betting and trading strategies. Find out how Julia can improve your business.