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Genie Builder on JuliaHub

The fastest way to build and share your Julia data apps

Genie Builder is a powerful low-code data app development tool for Julia.

Build interactive dashboards, AI & simulation apps up to 10x faster. Deploy and share in 1-click on Juliahub.


Drag & drop UI builder

Choose from 70+ UI components and charts.


App logic in low-code Julia

Simply import your Julia code, and expose reactive variables with macros.


Embedded AI Assistant

To help you build and style your apps faster.


Powered by Genie

Julia's #1 web framework, enabling extensive functionality and scalability ideal for production applications.

Genie Apps on JuliaHub

Genie is an open source, full-stack web framework with low-code features and paid add-ons like Genie Builder that simplify app development in Julia. Whether you're building your app with Genie Framework or with Genie Builder, you can deploy it with one-click on JuliaHub.


Built with Genie
Dashboard, AI and Simulation apps


Lorenz Equations

Real-time simulation of a dynamic system with constant UI refresh

Stock inspector

Code  App 
Geet price data, trend plots, and news for stocks in the US market.
API client

Weather data forecast

Train a neural ODE to forecast weather data.

MRI classifier

Code  App 
Detect tumors in brain MRI images using a neural network.

World map

Code  App 
Display data on a world map with configurable markers.

Multipage app for data analysis

App  Code  Tutorial  Video 
Explore data, train a neural network, and serve the model via an API.

Genie Builder Pricing

First, choose the Genie Builder add-on plan that suits your needs

Second, learn about how pricing for hosting your app works

$0.99 /per hour
10 hours free - then hourly (max $50/month)


10 hours free trial on JuliaHub’s standard plan

1 Seat

Build unlimited apps

Embedded AI assistant

Community support

Collaborative app development

Dedicated support

Dedicated onboarding

From $300 /mo
Or $3240/year (10% discount)


For users on JuliaHub’s team plan

Min 3 seats, up to 5

Build unlimited apps

Embedded AI assistant

Dedicated customer support

Collaborative app development

Development support

Dedicated onboarding

Hosted and On-Prem Solution


For org's on JuliaHub's enterprise plan

Unlimited Seats

Build unlimited apps

Embedded AI assistant

Dedicated customer support

Collaborative app development

Development support

Dedicated onboarding

Ready to deploy your Genie app?

Choose a hosting and deployment plan on a small, big, or custom machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price include hosting? How much does it cost to deploy an app on JuliaHub?

No, the Genie add-on price does not include the price of deploying and then hosting an app. After purchasing Genie-Builder add-on, the price of hosting your app depends on which machine (which server) you select and how many hours per month that machine is being used to run your app. The small machine cost is $0.0627 per hour, which at 12 hours per day usage costs $23.32. Deploying and then hosting your app is a different cost than running Genie Builder to build the app. That cost is $0.99 per hour on the Standard Tier up to $50 max per month.

What kind of Genie apps can I deploy on JuliaHub?

You can deploy all kinds of Genie apps on JuliaHub, including Genie MVC and Stipple apps. And of course, Genie Builder apps. Check our docs for a guide.

Can I build highly customized UIs with Genie Builder 1.0?

Yes, you most definitely can! We support 35 web UI components and we’ll keep on adding more. Check out our component gallery to see if there’s everything you need. If you want to use custom components, you can add them by editing the code of your app. Check this guide to learn how.

What libraries does Genie Builder 1.0 use for data visualization?

We use PlotlyJS, which gives you access to 40+ charts including statistical, financial, scientific charts, maps and 3D visualizations. You can also integrate 3rd party Javascript libraries by following this guide.

How can I style my Genie app?

You can use the styling menu or the AI Assistant in Genie Builder 1.0, but if you prefer to use CSS that’s possible too. In a Genie app you can use inline CSS style attributes or define your own stylesheets in the public/ folder and import them. You can also use the popular Tailwind CSS framework to style your Genie app. Learn more in this styling guide.

What can I do with the AI Assistant?
Do you offer EDU discounts?
Can you offer a solution with one-click deployments on my infrastructure?